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Medical Office Building Development

We enjoy sitting down with physician partners, helping you merge your dreams, desires, and concerns. We assist you in finding and negotiating with Architects, Builders, Key Contractors, and Hospital Partners, and work to arrive at an environment and specific agreements that benefit your medical group. From beginning to end, through key meetings, construction draws, and change orders, we are interested in working to deliver a practice setting that is exactly what you wished, delivered on time and on budget. We can be a very strong and effective advocate on your behalf and have significant skills and success in this area.


Building and Facilities

  • Full Design, Build, Selection Assistance and Management Advisory Assistance-Owner Advocacy with:  Architects, Developer, and Builders-ASC’s, Medical Office Buildings, Hospitals and Clinics
  • Review, Negotiation, and Client Advocacy Assistance for all Construction Draws
  • New Building Technology Liaison- Radiology, IT, MRI
  • Management Assistance with/ of Tenants and Sub Tenants
  • Liaison with Medical Office Building and Property Management Entities
  • Selection and Accountability of Vendors and Partners
  • Review of Operating Easement Agreements and Site Development Documents
  • Review of Leases and Sub Leases
  • Creation and Implementation of a Seamless and Effective Practice Relocation Plan
  • Medical Building Valuation Process

Business Development

  • Uncovering Underserved Market Opportunities
  • Analysis and Development of New Business and Market Opportunities
  • Implementing and Managing Satellite Office Settings
  • Implementation of Proven and Effective New Market Development Strategies
  • Becoming the Preeminent-Preferred Providers in your Market Segment and Business Lines
  • Discovering and Putting to Work your Business Strengths-Uncovering and Filling your Market Niche
  • Business Development Agreements that are Compliant, with High Schools, Colleges and Universities, Hospitals and Other Businesses Entities


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